Friday, September 3, 2010


The other day I was sitting at work bored to tears (damn near anyway) so I decided to hop on ancestry.com and look up where I might be coming from.

20 minutes later, with only my immediate family put in, I find nothing. I give my dad a call to get some information on my grandparents on his side of the family, we find a bunch of stuff going back to Germany in the 1800s, I expected to find that, it wasn't much. What I didn't expect to find was anything on my mom's side. She was born in Alaska just after it became a state, I didn't think much, if any, records were kept of them then.

It turns out on her side, our family actually comes from the Somerset region of England, and a shitload of Williams and James were named in that family. I doubt if this really has any relevance to anything. I just found it very cool finding things on your family that no one knew about.

I think I'm going to be checking out the place sometime in the future, Stogursey, England... sup?

(I really should write more often, maybe then it'll come out clearer and more awesome lol)


  1. Showing some support :)


  2. fuckyeah man. i totally agree with you


  3. Don't think Ancestry can look up asians though huh...too many ching chang chongs...

  4. way too many chings, not as many changs though.

  5. i've thought about popping some info into ancestry.com...guess you probably do need to put in at least 2 or 3 generations worth of info..and even then its whatever. doesn't seem hard tho

  6. Yeah, at first it was pretty much nothing going on, I guess our family doesn't make too many newspapers or anything, (they really do grab things from just about everywhere) but after putting in even more people, things just started showing up. One thing I found very useful was looking into the public family tree database. You have to be pretty careful though, a lot of Dick Henrys out there.